Urgent! High-paid ESL Teaching Positions in Chengdu! No. 5
Posted by Urgent! High-paid ESL Teaching Positions in Chengdu! No. 522 on 4/25/11

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    Urgent! High-paid ESL Teaching Positions in Chengdu! No.

    Application Email: CV@eslhr.com

    Job Description Vacancy: 12 Start ASAP 18-22 working
    hours/week 40minutes/class 4-10 students/class Age 4-16

    Requirements Native English Speakers BA/BS Diploma or above
    required/preferred 27-38 years old TESOL/TEFL certificate
    preferred Two years or above teaching experience preferred

    Treatment Salary: 7500-13000RMB/month Paid holiday:
    5000-7000RMB 4000RMB airfare reimbursed in completion of
    one year contract Housing allowance: 800-1500RMB Z-VISA

    Documents Resume Diploma/Certificate scans Passport scan
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    The location Chengdu is richly endowed with fantastic
    natural resources and historical heritages. Within the city
    proper, numbers of ancient temples, parks and cultural
    relics are telling you the time-honored past of the city.
    You'll often encounter the city's artisans: small-time
    basket-weavers, cobblers, tailors and snack hawkers who
    swarm the streets and contribute to Chengdu's lively

    Visitors can enjoy delectable Sichuan cuisine, known around
    the world for its spiciness. Despite its fiery cuisine,
    Chengdu is one of the most laid-back regions of China,
    where locals find time to shop, cook, eat, and spend hours
    relaxing and socializing in teahouses. All around, it is
    one of China's more intriguing cities.