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    Posted on 9/19/17
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    EC-Council University cybersecurity degree programs are
    completely online. As such, you can complete this online
    cyber security degree program from the comfort of your
    own home or country. The ECCU’s Master of Security
    Science (master degree) is 100% online allowing students
    to do cybersecurity online coursework according to their
    work and personal schedules.

    Additionally, ECCU has two distinct advantages over
    traditional Brick and Mortar Universities. Firstly, our
    online cybersecurity university faculty are actively
    practicing their profession in the field, they can make
    the security class come alive for the students, as well
    as serve as mentors for the students with new, real-life
    examples on our Cyber Range.

    The second advantage, and perhaps most important, is that
    you will be getting hands-on advanced security education
    and use tools and technology that you will be using in
    the InfoSec & cybersecurity field. This helps you hit
    the ground running and will help you become functional
    Cyber Security Solutions Architect for any employer from
    day one of their employment!

    Contact EC-Council University
    EC-Council University is dedicated to creating superior
    educational programs enabling graduates to be equipped to
    face the latest IT security risks and lead their
    colleagues in strategically handling those challenges.
    For more details call us today at 505-922-2886 or visit
    our website


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