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    Posted on 10/04/17
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    Prelims Foundation (FOCUS 2018) is suitable for students
    appearing for CSE 2018 or CSE 2019. This course will
    cover basics of all subjects of GS Paper 1 with special
    focus on Current Affairs. This is a classroom program
    with 5-6 classes a week. The course will be available in
    Online Format and the online lectures will be available
    to students till Prelims.

    1. Polity

    2. Economy

    3. Environment & Ecology

    4. Geography

    5. History, Art & Culture

    6. Current Affairs

    This course is suitable for students who have appeared
    for the Exam either first time or those students who have
    been consistently facing issues in clearing the Prelims
    Examination every year. This course will equip the
    students in working on areas important for Prelims.

    Have queries contact us

    Phone Number: 9555923039 Email:

    Our counselors are available from Monday - Saturday 9:00
    AM to 8:00 PM

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