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    Posted on 11/24/17
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    Ocean Offshore Marine India uses the latest equipments. We
    are the best institute to offer the offshore courses in
    Delhi. We offer all types of courses related to the offshore

    BOSIET course is a minimum requirement to work offshore. The
    course consists of four modules; Safety Induction, Helicopter
    Safety and Escape (HUET), Sea Survival and First Aid, Fire
    Fighting and Self Rescue. The BOSIET is required for cold
    water areas and includes additional training in the use of
    survival suits and emergency breathing systems during the
    HUET module.

    Hydrogen Sulphide is the chemical compound with the formula
    H2S. It is a colorless gas with the characteristic foul odor
    of rotten eggs. ... This course covers the characteristics of
    hydrogen sulphide gas, potential physiological effects of
    exposure as well as the use of H2S equipment and escape
    breathing apparatus.

    Helicopter Underwater Escape Training in most other
    countries, (often abbreviated HUET, pronounced hue-wet, hue-
    way or you-way) is training provided to helicopter flight
    crews, offshore oil and gas industry staff law enforcement
    personnel, and military.

    The aim and objectives of the HLO Initial Training Programmer
    are to equip the delegate with the initial knowledge,
    understanding and skills required to perform the role of
    Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)safely and
    effectively. The HLO Initial Training is designed for
    personnel who are to be appointed the role of an Offshore
    Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)

    Fast Rescue Craft / Boat course is designed as per IMO
    guidelines. It is to train personnel to operate FRC/FRB,
    which is mandatory for deployment in offshore field as per
    IOGP and on RO-RO passenger vessels as per IMO.

    And Ship Manning, Offshore Recruitment, Offshore Training,
    Marine Training, CDC & COC Assistance

    Contact for the offshore course booking of, BOSIET,HUET,
    FOET,H2S, HLO, FRC now in India .

    Ocean Offshore Marine India

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