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    Posted on 12/03/18
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    This online training program will equip you with the
    business, leadership and performance management skills to
    promote optimal performance at the highest level of sport
    and business.
    Sport management has to do with any and every business
    aspect of sports and recreation. The field is vast. Sport
    managers can be found working for professional teams,
    their parent organizations, colleges and universities,
    recreational departments and sports marketing firms. They
    can be event managers, facility managers, sports
    economists, financial, promotion or information experts.
    Getting these coveted jobs takes hustle, of course, but
    also demands excellent analytical thinking, communication
    skills and stand-out business savvy.
    This program provides the training needed to break into
    the competitive sports management industry by blending
    experiential learning with a strong foundation in business
    Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the
    space, this guide will equip you with the skills, required
    for today’s sports leaders.

    Sports Management

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