Posted by: Elizabeth Barron on 6/19/19
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    With Due Respect

    Please forgive me if this message comes to you as a
    surprise, I got your contact while going through this
    website at the hospital where am being admitted. I am Mrs.
    Elizabeth Barron; a very rich sick 61 years old widow
    diagnosed with cancer with just fewdays left to live on
    earth according to the doctor. I need your help and
    assistance in the distribution of the sum of $4.5Million
    United State Dollars my wealth inheritance to help the less
    privileged and organizations around you. I am aware that
    this is certainly not a conventional way of approach to
    establish a relationship of trust and confidence, but you
    will realize the need for my action. Please get back to me
    urgently so that I can furnish you with more details. Hope
    to hear from you soon. Bless You.Contact me by email

    Elizabeth Barron

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