Post: Free HDTV With Eagle HD-4K Antenna

    Rich Wood

    Posted on 3/09/17
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    Dear Fundraiser: Fundraising can be very profitable ---If you have the Best
    Product , priced right,and if no other group is selling the same products.
    As a parent I was always the Hey Dad to help our kids,and
    grandkids.Selling cookies,garden seeds,candy,and so on.
    Today you might want to look at a unique new product l call the Soaring
    Eagle HD antenna.
    Priced Right - saves consumer hundreds yearly - Sample.for each person
    selling,consumer order forms,small and easy to deliver,great for mall set
    up,Infront of any retail,fairs,festivals,sporting events,no upfront cost. Call us
    to be the first in your area 702-843-7318 we are the Nevada US A
    Proud US. Small business and Product

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