Post: Please Help Single Mother
    Posted by: Tynese Gonzalez on 6/26/17
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    Hello My is Tynese Gonzalez i just currently establish
    myself and was able to find an apartment for me and my 4
    children after suffering from being homeless at one point i
    was grateful to find a home for my children meaning i had to
    start back from scratch no furniture no beds living from
    penny to penny which all you know as a single mom is very
    hard i heard so many stories about trying this go fund
    account i figure what do i have to loose after loosing
    everything i had there for i created one all i care at this
    moment is keeping my kids roof over it can be a dime it can
    be a penny anything that can help us it dont matter cause
    ill appreciate it from the bottom of my heart till i find a
    job if you find it in your heart to helps us i highly
    appreciated till we get back on our feet thank you and God

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