Discovery Toys
Posted by Memphis TN & Surrounding Areas on 12/21/10

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    Discovery Toys has been helping parents to "Teach. Play.
    Inspire." with our high-quality educational toys, books,
    games and music for over three decades.

    The company was founded by an early childhood educator in
    1978 and continues to grow from our passion for helping
    children through play. Today, we are the leader in learning
    toys for early childhood education as the foremost direct
    marketing company of its kind.

    The company’s product categories are sold according to
    age-appropriate category segments:

    * infant: 0 - 12 months
    * toddler: 1 - 3 years
    * preschool: 3 - 5 years
    * school years: 5 - 8 years

    When we develop our products, we design multiple layers of
    learning into every toy. We also maintain the highest
    safety and quality standards beyond the nationally published
    governmental standards.

    DT Educational Consultants, parents and children interact to
    deliver our promise of helping children learn through play.
    It's no surprise that many of the thousands of Educational
    Consultants in our field are both parents and teachers who
    love to teach and play with their kids.

    Today, interest in the intersection of education and play
    continues to grow. Discovery Toys is prepared for
    unprecedented growth for both the network and the children
    it serves.

    Our Mission:

    Discovery Toys creates highly engaging learning toys, books,
    games and music that help parents and others teach learning
    skills through play.

    Discovery Toys ignites the imagination and interest of
    children as they learn and grow through play each day.

    Discovery Toys inspires learning! Our products not only
    inspire children to learn, they inspire parents and
    educators to teach and learn along with them.