IntelleBoost - activity for the brain!
Posted by Online on 2/03/12

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    Here's a link to some great 2-3 minute classroom
    activities. Teachers using it say their students love it,
    and it's great for rainy-day recess.

    INTELLEBOOST - activity for the brain!

    This is the time of year when students are often cooped up
    inside due to cold weather for indoor recess. It can be
    difficult to provide enough physical activity for our
    students. But studies show providing short activity breaks
    during the school day can actually improve students'
    concentration skills, boost energy levels, and improve
    classroom behavior.

    IntelleBoost recently launched a creative solution for
    indoor classroom activity, providing a series of 2-3 minute
    music videos with action ques- a fun, effective, and
    efficient way for teachers to facilitate physical activity
    in the classroom that increases students' blood flow and
    oxygen to the brain:

    boosting their energy sharpening concentration skills
    expanding attention spans improving behavior

    Ideal for Transitioning Subjects The videos are ideal for
    transitioning between long periods of sitting or teaching
    segments, allowing students to get their blood flowing
    while teachers have a few minutes to prepare for the next
    subject. And, IntelleBoost makes a fun activity for
    rainy-day recess.

    Try it in Your Classroom Free In light of February being
    American Heart Month, IntelleBoost is offering teachers to
    use IntelleBoost free to evaluate it in their classroom. To
    open an account, go to:

Physical activities for the classroom (FREE)