Creative Genius On-the-Go! iOS App
Posted by Jr Imagination on 7/08/12

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    Welcome to a a fun creative thinking app for parents and
    teachers to engage children in imaginative learning
    activities. Here's a convenient way to provide open-ended
    creativity for young minds with 150 challenges, diversions,
    and scenarios that can be played anytime, anywhere.

    These fun activities display as short, written prompts.
    Children can play independently, with siblings or friends,
    and, of course, parents! Have you ever wanted a fun
    enrichment activity at your fingertips when your child
    says, "Play with meÓ? Then this is the perfect app for you.

    And because of its based on sound academic principles,
    Creative Genius On-the-Go! is enjoyed in classrooms and
    home schools, too.

    Features 3 Collections:

    ★ 50 What Ifs? - prompts the player to describe how
    the impossible may be possible ★ 50 Imagine That! -
    mind-stretching challenges that boost brainpower and zap
    boredom ★ 50 Wack-tivities - silly and fun diversions
    to get the creative juices flowing

Creative Genius On-the-Go!