Grants to Have Pets in the Classroom
Posted by Janice McInnis on 6/17/10

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    The Pet Care Trust has developed the Pets in the Classroom
    grants program to help teachers support classroom pets
    through direct, no-hassle grants. These easy to apply for
    grants can be used for the purchase of new pets, pet
    environments or pet food and supplies for existing
    classroom pets. Teachers can fill out an online application
    for either a sustaining grant for an existing classroom pet
    or a new pet grant. Once the grant request is approved, a
    certificate and equipment checklist is sent out to the
    recipient in a matter of days. Grants are offered to
    Kindergarten through 6th grade classes, and can be used for
    the purchase of fish, small animals, small birds, reptiles
    or amphibians; as well as pet environments and supplies.
    Grants are awarded in amounts of $50, $100 or $150. Visit for your grant today.