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    BioVoyage Institute is developing and implementing
    Bioscience) education programs for the 21st Century
    learners. The programs are innovative; challenging;
    fulfilling; and enriching the lives of our present and
    future generation. Now, we seek your participation in
    furthering the development of K12 and university curricula.
    You maybe active or retired teachers, professors; doctoral
    or postdoctoral students.
    Job Description
    We are seeking education researchers to join our research
    and evaluation team. We are looking for individuals
    interested in making substantial contributions to the field
    of education research by developing and conducting rigorous
    research studies. You will collaborate with other
    nationally recognized researchers on to conduct large-
    scale, multi-year randomized controlled trial studies of
    widely used reading curricula in elementary and middle
    schools. More generally, the position provides successful
    candidates an opportunity to work as a core team member to:
    • Design and implement large- and small-scale multi-
    year experimental and non-experimental evaluations of
    education programs, policies, and practices within teams of
    multidisciplinary staff.
    • Develop interviews, surveys, observational
    protocols, and other instruments for data collection.
    • Work with the research and evaluation team as well
    as with state, district and school staff to collect and
    manage data in the field.
    • Collaborate on rigorous quantitative and/or
    qualitative analysis plans using sophisticated statistical
    techniques and work with team members to implement the
    • Develop written and oral reports, publications,
    briefings, and presentations.
    • Help develop proposals for new education research
    and evaluation projects.
    Candidate Qualifications:
    Master’s degree or higher in education
    Strong science content knowledge
    Knowledge of education curricula
    Strong writing and editing skills
    Pays attention to minute details
    Experience in developing curriculum materials (elementary
    through high school grade levels) and university
    Strong analytical/thinking skills
    Ability to follow detailed instructions and guidelines
    Ability to maintain confidentiality and security of all
    Teaching experience in content area(s) at appropriate grade
    levels a plus
    Open to feedback and review

    You may have experience with government-funded research in
    education, science, or combination thereof. Should have
    years of proven experience.

    The Position:
    Collaboration, consulting or contract (Could be full time,

    We will consider sponsoring exceptional individuals

    Special Note:
    The projects are not yet funded
    These are research projects
    You will participate in the formulation
    The projects maybe short or long term
    The project may involve travelling

    Application Process:
    We invite you to email your CV, cover letter, and sample
    project to In your response, you
    should EDS8634