Principal Investigator
Posted by BioVoyage Institute on 1/26/12

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    Principal Investigator

    BioVoyage Institute is developing and implementing
    Bioscience) education programs for the 21st Century
    learners. The programs are innovative; challenging;
    fulfilling; and enriching the lives of our present and
    future generation. Now, we seek your participation in
    furthering the development of K12 and university curricula.
    You maybe active or retired teachers, professors; doctoral
    or postdoctoral students.

    Job Description
    We have several upcoming and ongoing mathematics and
    Kindergarten thru high school science research projects.
    The projects support research that utilize cognitive
    science to develop and test innovative approaches intended
    to improve teaching and learning in authentic education
    settings. We are interested in the development of
    strategies and materials that involve students learning
    educationally meaningful or relevant components or units of
    academic content, such as would be covered in a chapter or
    multiple chapters addressing a topic or learning goal in a
    textbook. Likewise, the projects are designed to explore
    the cognitive processes underlying the acquisition of
    reading, writing, mathematics knowledge and skills, science
    knowledge and skills, or general study skills.

    The objective here is to gain a better understanding of
    which processes and skills are predictive of subsequent
    proficiency in reading, writing, mathematics, science, or
    study skills that would allow researchers to develop
    interventions (e.g., curricula or instructional approaches)
    that target these processes and ultimately result in
    improving academic achievement.

    We seek candidates with research experience in mathematics
    or science or education or any combination thereof to
    become the Principal Investigator for projects. You maybe
    active or retired professor, doctoral, postdoctoral, etc

    The Principal Investigator’s responsibilities
    Once a project has been awarded and a project account
    established, responsibility passes to the PI for project
    management. These responsibilities include:
    • Ensuring that all staff and students involved in a
     Are aware of the terms and conditions imposed by
    any external funder, seeking clarification and advice from
    the relevant Grants and Contracts office as appropriate.
     Have signed all relevant project documentation; and
     Receive appropriate training to complete their
    tasks on the project effectively within the resources
    • Bringing any non-compliance by involved staff or
    students to the attention of the Head of BioVoyage
    • Compliance with any research governance
    requirements including ethical review of all externally
    funded projects.
    • Ensuring that staff have honorary contracts as part
    of ensuring compliance with research governance requirements
    • Ensuring the budget is deployed for the purpose
    intended and in line with BioVoyage Financial regulations
    and any regulations of the Funder and all eligible cost are
    charged on a timely basis
    • Monitoring the financial position of the project on
    a regular basis.
    • Producing or cause to produce all reports for
    BioVoyage accurately and in a timely fashion.
    • Producing all reports for external funders in an
    accurate and timely fashion in line with the contract or
    grant requirements.
    • Determining opportunities for dissemination and
    publication of the results of the project in compliance
    with funder requirements.
    • Working with BioVoyage to seek to commercialize the
    results of the research.
    • Ensuring appropriate records are kept and up dated
    on a periodic basis (e.g. timesheets where they are a
    contractual requirement
    • Ensuring due recognition for all those involved in
    the project, particularly with regard to publication by
    younger members of staff and students.
    • Ensuring all collaborators and partners are kept
    informed effectively regarding the project and any relevant
    project meetings are called and run in an effective manner.
    • All reports are produced with due recognition for
    • Bringing any concerns with regard to the completion
    of the project or major difficulties to the attention of
    the Head BioVoyage
    • Complying with all reasonable BioVoyage
    instructions and requests.
    • Timely notice to BioVoyage of possible breach or
    deviation from contract or changes of circumstances.

    Should have experience with government funded research in
    mathematics or science or combination thereof. Should have
    years of proven experience.

    The Position:
    Collaboration, consulting or contract (Could be full time,

    We will consider sponsoring exceptional individuals

    Special Note:
    The projects are not yet funded
    These are research projects
    You will participate in the formulation
    The projects maybe short or long-term

    Application Process:
    We invite you to email your CV, cover letter, and sample
    project to In your response, you
    should PRSB3871