Science & Mathematics Researchers
Posted by BioVoyage Institute on 1/26/12

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    Science & Mathematics Researchers

    BioVoyage Institute is developing and implementing
    Bioscience) education programs for the 21st Century
    learners. The programs are innovative; challenging;
    fulfilling; and enriching the lives of our present and
    future generation. Now, we seek your participation in
    furthering the development of K12 and university curricula.
    You maybe active or retired teachers, professors; doctoral
    or postdoctoral students.

    Job Description
    We have several upcoming and ongoing mathematics and
    Kindergarten thru high school science research projects.
    The projects support research that utilize cognitive
    science to develop and test innovative approaches intended
    to improve teaching and learning in authentic education
    settings. We are interested in the development of
    strategies and materials that involve students learning
    educationally meaningful or relevant components or units of
    academic content, such as would be covered in a chapter or
    multiple chapters addressing a topic or learning goal in a
    textbook. Likewise, the projects are designed to explore
    the cognitive processes underlying the acquisition of
    reading, writing, mathematics knowledge and skills, science
    knowledge and skills, or general study skills.

    The objective here is to gain a better understanding of
    which processes and skills are predictive of subsequent
    proficiency in reading, writing, mathematics, science, or
    study skills that would allow researchers to develop
    interventions (e.g., curricula or instructional approaches)
    that target these processes and ultimately result in
    improving academic achievement.

    Candidate Qualifications:
    Master’s degree or higher in math and/or science
    Strong science content knowledge
    Strong math content knowledge
    Knowledge of science and/or math curricula
    Strong writing and editing skills
    Pays strong attention to detail
    Experience in developing math or science curriculum
    materials (elementary through high school grade levels) and
    Strong analytical/thinking skills
    Ability to follow detailed instructions and guidelines
    Ability to maintain confidentiality and security of all
    Teaching experience in content area(s) at appropriate grade
    levels a plus
    Open to feedback and review

    Should have experience with government funded research in
    mathematics or science or combination thereof. Should have
    years of proven experience.

    The Position:
    Collaboration, consulting or contract (Could be full time,

    We will consider sponsoring exceptional individuals

    Special Note:
    The projects are not yet funded
    These are research projects
    You will participate in the formulation
    The projects maybe short or long-term

    Application Process:
    We invite you to email your CV, cover letter, and sample
    project to In your response, you
    should MSR3871