GrantWriter & Fundraiser _ Jobs
Posted by BioVoyage Institute on 1/26/12

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    GrantWriter & Fundraiser _ Jobs

    We are a 15-year-old nonprofit organization with offices in
    Florida, Maryland, and other states.
    We are seeking committed. sensitive and experienced grant
    writers and fundraisers who will help to raise money for
    education, children, adults, research, job skills training,
    outreach, and other programs.

    The programs may cover the underserved, economically
    challenged and others. Will consider serious collaboration
    with students, professors, institutions, etc.

    Tasks to be performed including the following:
    a. Identification of specific funding requests or targets;
    b. Identification and analysis of potential funding sources;
    c. Preparation of specific proposals for submission to
    identified funding sources;
    d. Funded project management and reporting;
    e. Provide certain support activities to build and maintain
    proposal writing capacity within the Organization.
    f. Others

    You should have at least three years experience
    A least a Bachelor's degree
    Experience in securing funding from government agencies,
    foundations, and private institutions.

    Send your resume, and detailed cover letter to the
    Chairperson at enclosed email address.