Spiral Science & Math Manipulative
Posted by Ed Connors on 3/10/09

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    I am please to announce the introduction of the Spiral
    Science & Math Manipulative which was MANUFACTURED in

    It is a double-sided magnetic manipulative based upon the
    classic tiling forming a rectangle approaching phi. It is
    used to introduce children to the Fibonacci Series and the
    world of naturally occurring spirals. During a
    brainstorming exercise children are challenged to identify
    where they can find naturally occurring spirals… Answers
    and clues exist on the back side of the manipulative.
    Subsequent exercises lead students to use a student size
    manipulative scaled to the metric system for a variety of
    exercises related to units of measure, addition,
    ratio/proportionality, graphing, and critical thinking.

    Please check out our website and let us know what you
    think! A great way to promote education and employment
    within the state!

Spiral Science & Math Manipulative