Hard Laminated Flashcards - for the kids zero to six
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    Our flashcards are made of 150 micron very hard laminated
    that last a life time. This helps to use them over again
    and again.Flash cards with excellent quality and lasting
    value with rounded corners for safety and instant sorting.
    Flash cards with isolated colourful pictures and easy to
    read lowercase print focus child’s attention on the lesson
    at hand
    Montessori Flashcards helps teaching individuals with the
    Developmental Delays, Autism, Down’s syndrom, Dyslexia,
    Speech problem and slow learners, Montessori and Early
    Childhood Educators find a wide variety of high quality,
    hard laminated, precise and reasonable product not readily
    available elsewhere. Our flashcards provide a solid root
    system to build the childrens’ vocabulary and to be a
    springboard for early reading skills. By the grace of
    Almighty God, we feel proud to say that throughout world,
    we have the lowest price and widest range of quality hard
    laminated flashcards. And we also make the CUSTOMIZED
    flashcards for any school.

Montessori Flashcards