Golden Bead Montessori Material
Posted by Veronica/Buffalo, NY on 6/26/09

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    I have 2 Golden Bead Decimal Systems and wooden Thousand
    Cubes from The Materials Company of Boston. The Materials
    Company of Boston is the only USA manufacturer of Montessori
    materials. All of their products are made by them in the
    USA. They are the manufacturer and not just a distributor.
    Please see their site for more info.

    See image of one of my Decimal Systems here (these are nylon

    One of the sets will include a new in package 1000 beaded
    cube, it was just too hard to take a picture of it without
    getting glare from the packaging.

    And here is the Materials Company of Boston info on it:

    It includes the following:
    1 1000 bead cube
    9 100 bead squares
    9 10 bead bars
    9 unit beads

    It is used (except for the one 1000 cube) and does NOT come
    with the trays.

    The first one to respond will receive the set with the new
    1000 cube.

    Asking $52+ship (I'll do cheapest possible shipping if you'd

    I also have 40 used wooden thousand cubes. They are a solid
    wood and the dots are printed directly on the blocks as
    opposed to printed paper pasted on. Because they are printed
    directly on the wood, the coloring of the wood and its
    variations do show, but I believe this makes them more durable.

    Here's the info from the company with a picture:

    Please note that the picture is not showing the variations
    in wood color/grain but that they are there.

    I am asking $2/block + shipping. If you want a significant
    number of the blocks I will take offers.

    If you would like to swap for some Montessori items, I am
    looking for the following (but may be looking for more and
    just can't remember right now, so ask):

    Pink Tower
    Broad Stair
    Movable alphabet
    Red Rods
    World Map (and US map, but world has priority)