New in Package Montessori 10 Golden Bead Hundred Squares
Posted by Veronica/NY on 6/27/09

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    New in package set of 10 Golden Bead Hundred Squares by the
    Materials Company of Boston. These are nylon beads.

    Here's the info from the company with a picture:\

    The Materials Company of Boston is the only US manufacturer
    of Montessori materials. All of their products are made by
    them in the US. They are the manufacturer and not just a

    Asking $30+ship.

    I forgot to mention that I will also swap. I'm looking for
    the following:

    Pink Tower
    Broad Stair
    Movable Alphabet
    World Map (and US Map, but World Map has preference)
    Knobbed Cylinders
    and there may be something I'm not thinking of, just ask.

    Please, feel free to ask any questions.