Magic Blox, Ideal Blox, Instant Blox, Wedgits
Posted by Erwin Suparno, Edmonds, WA on 1/16/06

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    Magic BLOX
    educational building blocks
    (also know as other names: Ideal, Instant, Magic BLOX,
    wedgits Toy)

    Condition: new in box
    Age: 3+
    Box Dimension: 7 x 5.5 x 5.5 (LxWxH, in inches)
    Included: (One set) 15 brightly colored pieces, a plastic
    stand, and a handled box for storage.

    -an encouragement of spatial reasoning and 3-D patterns
    -an open-ended toy that can be used at the individual
    developmental level of each child
    -its' challenging nature keeps children engaged for long
    periods of time
    -appeals to children from age 3 to adults!
    -multiple boxes create more challenging structures and more

    For image you can go to the image URL.
    For detail contact my email.