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Posted by Jim - USA & Canada on 4/02/06

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    If you are having issues with sleep disorders, not enough
    sleep, a snoring spouse keeping you awake or other
    problems that are keeping you up at night - we can help!

    Purchase price Guaranteed! (within 30 days).

    Not a Drug.
    Non - Addictive.
    No Side Effects.

    Distributors in all areas needed.

    We also supply a healthy alternative for wellness. All
    natural products which help with low energy issues, hogh
    cholesterol levels, in-balanced sugar levels and weight
    reduction. All in a safe and proven synergistic formula.

    100% Purchase Price Guarantee. (30 Days).

    If it doesn't work for you - you lose nothing!
    Most people see results with our sleep formula within one
    day (or the first night). Many see results from our second
    product within days or a week or two.

    It has changed our lives (my wofe & i) and many others
    that we know of too.

    We have had NO ONE has made a claim (to date) for the
    purchase price guarantee.

    Jim or Barb
    1210995 Ab Ltd
    1-866-681-3858 Tol Free
    (403) 681-3858

Sleep and Health Issues - We can help!