Teaching Made Easier
Posted by TeachingMadeEasier.com on 8/28/06

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    Spending countless hours of your precious time creating
    activities for your students? Life just got Easier!

    With TeachingMadeEasier, an innovative online tool, you can
    customize over 40 fun learning activities/games (from Bingo
    and Flash Cards to Word Searches ) in just minutes. Use
    your own words or our database of over 100,000 words,
    pictures and numbers. Create materials to help your
    students with math, English, writing, vocabulary, phonics,
    science, social studies, history, geography, health, 9
    foreign languages and much more.

    Why spend your hard-earned money on stacks of standardized
    activity books, games, and manipulatives when you can
    create customized versions in minutes, as often as you
    want, in as many varieties as you need, for less $3 a
    month. Isn’t your time worth much more than that?

    All the work is done in just 3 EASY STEPS: 1. Type in the
    words. 2. Select an activity. 3. Create the activity. A
    week’s worth of activities for a single word list in less
    than 10 minutes! How much better could it get?

    Limited time special offer! ONLY $29.95 (regularly $36)
    enter promotional code: TNET

    Developed by an elementary school teacher who was tired of
    spending hours making materials by hand each week,
    TeachingMadeEasier automates the process so you can
    instantly produce learning activities specific to your
    students’ skills levels -- for a small group or your entire
    class. This program allows you to: • Easily Challenge Every
    Skill Level • Improve Student Performance • Drastically
    Reduce Your Preparation Time • And Save Money at the SAME