Ideal Blox (Fun Blox)
Posted by Kate, Cheshire on 11/05/06

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    Honeybee Toys is an educational/traditional toyshop based in

    Ideal Blox at 9.50 per box (with free postage and packing).

    Each set contains 15 brightly-coloured pieces in five
    different sizes and two different shapes, a storage stand,
    and an illustrative box that shows you how to build
    different formations. The puzzle can be arranged in
    thousands of different combinations, encouraging not only
    excellent hand to eye co-ordination - but also encouraging
    problem solving, forward planning and design skills.

    By adding a second box you can create over 25,000 different
    Ideal Blox is made from non-toxic plastic material that is
    dishwasher safe. The base into which the Ideal Blox sits is
    made of an extremely durable material that is safe for small

    To purchase your ideal blox, please follow the link to:-

HOneyBee Toys website