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Posted by Michele Marchetti/nationwide on 6/05/07

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    Discovery Toys is the premier educational toy company that
    markets high-end educational, fun toys that encourage
    children of all ages to learn through play. We are a 28-
    year old company with independent contractors who work and
    play every day, and we’re working to offer the most
    enjoyable opportunities for you to do the same. Year after
    year, we rank as one of the country’s top 10 Work From Home
    Business Opportunities. In recognition of the company’s
    success, we've been featured in Parents Magazine, Parenting
    Magazine, on Good Morning America, and The Dr. Phil Show.
    Discovery Toys has evolved to focus on satisfying the
    American desire for colorful ways to work and play.

    Discovery Toys is now expanding our team in Charleston and
    the surrounding area. We are seeking independent
    contractors for year-round positions. The incredible growth
    of our team is the career opportunity of a lifetime. Those
    qualified candidates selected to join our team will recei
    ve the very best professional training and development in
    marketing and sales while working with the top distributor
    in the company who also lives in Charleston. With no
    guarantees or limits to what you earn, this job is not for
    everyone but for those few, it’s the opportunity you’ve
    been waiting for.

    Details include booking home parties; working booths on
    weekends; passing out flyers and cards; recruiting and
    teaching others to do the same. You set your own schedule
    and work at your own pace, depending on the amount of time
    you have to invest into building your own business. We are
    now interviewing to fill full time and part-time for year-
    round positions for the Charleston area. Potential
    representatives must enjoy working with the public. We are
    offering full time positions and part time positions.

    Rewards of Discovery Toys
    Personal Growth- Gain confidence by facing real world
    Communication Skills- You will deal with real people in the
    real wo r ld.
    Life Skills- Working independently will give you self-
    confidence and develop leadership skills.
    Resume- Your experience with Discovery Toys will give you
    valuable experience for the future.
    Not for Everybody- From June through the rest of the year,
    our business is fast paced, demanding and designed for a
    results-oriented optimistic person.

    Our program is designed for those individuals who want to
    maximize their time and want to be rewarded for their
    efforts. There is no guarantee or limit to your earnings.
    The details of our compensation package will be reviewed
    with you individually during your interview and include the
    following elements:

    · Commission on your personal sales, and also commissions
    for every recruit that signs up with you based on their
    · Bonus opportunity.
    · Our successful Marketing Reps earn $1,000+ per week.
    · Opportunities to earn all-expenses paid vacations; a
    brand new Trailblazer, recogni t i on , and more.

    With our incredible growth and expansion, all Independent
    Contractors have the opportunity for quick promotion within
    the company. Some of our consultants have been promoted
    within just a few months of joining the team. We have no
    territories, so you are encouraged to expand your
    distributorship nationwide.

    · Desire to succeed.
    · Outgoing personality.
    · Competitive nature.
    · Desire for professional and personal growth.
    · No experience required, because we will train the right
    · Must enjoy a team atmosphere.

    To begin a career with Discovery Toys and endless
    opportunity for professional growth and income, please
    contact Michele Marchetti 203-672-0681
    to schedule an interview

Discovery toys