Math and Science
Posted by Sheryl / Waynesville, NC on 8/03/07

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    I'm a 4th grade teacher weeding out my supply of
    instructional aids. Let me know if you're interested!

    Texas Instruments Math Explorer Calculators $15 each
    retail. Seven calculators, $3.50 each (Sturdy plastic
    carrying case FREE with purchase of complete set)

    Instructional Materials for the Math Explorer Lessons to
    help you teach students how to use Math Explorer
    calculators and their function keys. Ideal for
    intermediate and middle school teachers. Packet is 60
    pages, 3-hole punched. $2

    Wooden Base Ten Blocks (11 hundreds, 52 tens, 33 ones)-
    perfect for teaching in small groups. Retail $37. Asking

    Analog clock stamp with numbers, 3 clock. No hour and
    minute hand shown. Great for making worksheets, time
    reminders, and more. Retail $9.00. Asking $2.00

    Two-color plastic counter set - One-inch diameter plastic
    counters with one red side and one yellow. $2.00

    Life-Size Overhead Bills - realistic-looking overhead bill
    set. Includes 24 bills, heads and tails. $3