3D DIY Corrugated Paper Toys
Posted by Maxmin/Walnut on 8/04/07

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    3D DIY Corrugated Paper Toys are craft kits made of
    colored corrugated paper. Students can use glue to roll
    and paste to create 3D paper models. No other tools are

    They are especially good as manipulatives & lesson aids.
    Benifits include:
    (a) Curriculum based
    (b) Whole-group activity driven
    (c) Can be completed with minimal instruction
    (b) Minimal additional materials required for assembly
    (white glue)
    (e) Can be completed in stages
    (f) Toxic Free, Environmentally friendly, recyclable
    (g) Attractive and convenient for classroom display
    (h) Convenient for student to transport home

    A special Teacher Program is available for teachers and
    parents to buy from us with ease and flesibility.

    Visit www.maxmin-usa.com or click the link below the
    picture here to download the program details.

Teacher Program - Educational Craft Kits