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Posted by Regina Phelps/New York on 6/21/08

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    I have quite a few Montessori materials priced to sell.
    My kids are entering middle-school and high-school and I
    no longer need them. Below is a list of what I have. If
    you’re interested in purchasing any of the sets, or the
    entire list of materials, please contact me at

    These materials are from a non-smoking home-schooling
    family and were lightly used. They are in very good
    condition unless otherwise noted in the description. I
    can provide photos in desired, or you can check out the
    items from the retailers.

    websites. I’ve listed the item/set,
    retailer/manufacturer, cost of item new and asking price.

    Payment: I prefer money orders, but will accept checks and
    can accept PayPal, but you'll need to add 2.9% to the
    total cost of items being purchased. You pay shipping,
    which will be calculated once I have your address.



    Math Items:

    Complete Golden Bead Materials –
    -$400.00 new asking $200.00

    Golden Bead Frame – Juliana Group
    (has slight crack in white backboard on upper
    right-hand corner)
    - $60.75 new asking $25.00

    Multiplication/Decanomial Bead Box – EduAids
    - $200.00 new asking $100.00

    Long Division (Test tube) – Nienhuis
    -$256.60 new asking $150.00

    Constructive Triangles Set – Bambini
    (boxes are wood, triangles are plastic. There is
    slight wear of finish on some box tops that can easily be
    -$135.00 new asking $60.00

    Constructive Blue Triangles Set – Montessori - n - Such
    (box and triangles are wood)
    -$26.00 new asking $10.00

    Geometric Solids Complete with Bases – Bambini
    (some slight chipping of paint)
    -$70.00 new asking $30.00

    Geometry Stick Material with Box – Juliana Group
    (Never Used)
    -$229.50 new asking $115.00

    Geometry Stick Working Board – Juliana Group
    (Never Used, but has a ting chip of corkboard missing
    from 1 corner)
    -$64.80 new asking $25.00

    BP3 Elementary Science Concepts Rocks and Minerals 3-Part
    asking $10.00

    BP2 Elementary Science Concepts Matter and Energy 3-Part
    asking $10.00