Free personalized Build-A-Books for students
Posted by Tracy S. on 2/15/10

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    These books are recommended for Prek, Kindergarten, and 1st

    Each 30 page, soft-cover personalized book cost $1.50 or
    they can
    find a sponsor (a friend or family member) to help pay for
    the book.
    When finding sponsors, this is how the books are free for
    the parents.

    Finding sponsors seemsto be the number one choice for
    parents in these
    economic times right now. Parents that wish not to
    contact friends or family
    they ususally purchse the books for a low-price of $1.50
    per book. You can't find
    a personalized book anywhere for that price!

    All you do is make as needed copies of our information and
    send home to the parents,
    wait 7 days or how long you need for the book -orderforms
    to arrive back into
    your classroom.

    contact me for the information forwarded to you.

    Now if you are looking for EXTRA classroom funds, we give
    you $4.00 per book order
    from this other book program I have. If you are interested
    in this one. click here at there you will
    find out more information on
    this book program.

    Many Blessings,
    Tracy S.