Reading Comprehension Strategies Beanie Babies & Poster Sets
Posted by Sharon Moss on 8/20/10

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    Hello, I am selling Reading Comprehension Strategies Beanie
    Babies Sets that includes Posters and Booksmarks.

    If you want to teach your students what to do if they are
    stuck on a word...Here's Help!

    Using these beanie babies along with your Comprehension
    Strategies will help your little readers become Great

    I actually use these in my classroom and they have worked
    great!! I do the whole bulletin board with the beanie
    babies. Then, I introduce each one of them along with the
    reading strategies. I pass out the bookmarks and use the
    animal examples in my reading workshops. You can collect
    several of each animal and let your students take the
    animals back to their reading area when they are practicing
    the strategy as a reminder of what needs to be done. My
    kids love using the bookmarks and I have the posters

    (I also have Decoding Beanies along with Decoding Reading
    Strategies Posters and Bookmarks up for bids. Feel free to
    take a look at my other items up for auction.)

    I a (twice_as_nice4u) on Ebay and my items numbers that are
    up for sale right now (8-20-10) are 140434305621 and
    130423081095. Please feel free to go to Ebay if you are
    interested in purchasing these sets. I have 3 complete
    sets of each. There are other people selling incomplete
    sets on Ebay as well, however, I only sell complete sets.

    Thank you for looking!!