Tuskeegee Airmen Movie Worksheet and Quiz
Posted by Elise Parker on 2/15/11

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    I teach history, and I understand the value of a solid movie
    based on that history. Sometimes students don't, though.
    They think a movie is a time to rest their heads on a table
    and go to sleep, or try to text under their desks.

    Sound familiar? I got tired of that kind of behavior and
    developed teaching materials to make students accountable
    for following the movie closely.

    My movie worksheets are fill in the blank activities that
    take key statements and put them word for word in front of
    the students, who must fill in strategic blanks. The only
    way to get the right answers is to pay attention to the
    movie. Students end up learning a lot more, and movie time
    is no longer wasted time.

    Go to my Teachers Pay Teachers page to see my worksheet for
    "The Tuskegee Airmen" movie, an excellent depiction of
    African American contributions to Allied victory in World
    War II. The worksheet has 29 problems to keep students
    learning and on their toes. You can download a free sample
    with 8 problems to see what the worksheet is like.

    If you like teaching with movies but need materials, check
    out my other products on http://www.teacherspayteachers.com
    as well. I've got materials for My Boy Jack, Evita, Thirteen
    Days, and many other great movies that teach history.


The Tuskegee Airmen Movie Worksheet and Quiz