Build-A-Binder with Personalized Success Stories
Posted by get a Free story on 2/26/11

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    Get a binder or folder for your classroom or library, than
    add these unique "Success Storie" to it. Each story has 13-
    15 pages.

    These stories can be personalized by adding your name as
    the teacher, and the name of the school, where applicable.
    These stories have a color version and a coloringbook
    version, they arrive via your email box as a PDF. You can
    view them from your computer, or print them for your binder.

    There are 5 different stories to choose from, which one do
    you wish to receive FREE??(only for teachers at respond to this email with your free story
    title, if you wish to add your name and school name, please
    do so. Titles & Descriptions of the following stories.

    "Playing Together"-Discusses taking turns, following the
    rules, respecting others, and showing good sportsmanship.

    "Being Honest"-Discusses honesty when answering queswtions,
    playing games, and completing work. Allows for
    personalization of specific situations for being honest.

    "My Hands"-Discusses the many positive things hands can do
    as well as inappropriate hand usage such as hitting,
    pinchingkm and throwing things.

    "Taking Care of Me"-Discussesd critical skills for staying
    clean and healthy including washing your handsthroughout
    the day, bathing wearing cleanclothes, brushing your teeth
    and hair, and using a tissue.

    "Making Good Choices"- Discusses making choices and the
    consequesnces of ther choices.

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