Brand New Elementary School Chair Pocket Covers Water Holder
Posted by Teachers on 7/22/11

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    Brand New Elementary School Chair Pocket Covers

    Features one or two pockets plus a bottle water holder.

    Keep your classroom organized with our chair covers!

    The Deep 12" pockets hold binders, textbooks and much more!

    One Pocket
    13 inches-$5.99
    15 inches-$7.99
    17 inches-$9.99

    Two Pockets
    13 inches-$6.99
    15 inches-$8.99
    17 inches-$10.99

    Economy chair covers:
    One Pocket
    13 inches-$3.99
    15 inches-$4.99
    17 inches-$5.99

    Two Pockets
    13 inches-$4.99
    15 inches-$5.99
    17 inches-$6.99

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