Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten pamphlets
Posted by Front Row Educational Services on 1/26/13

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    This pamphlet will give your parents ideas, activities and
    a checklist to prepare their child for kindergarten.

    Starting school is one of the most important events in a
    child’s life. Children who are prepared for kindergarten
    will have a rewarding and productive year. They will foster
    a love for learning and a positive attitude about school
    that will continue through their entire academic career.
    Kindergarten also helps develop positive self-esteem that
    is needed for success.

    Is your child ready for kindergarten? The following is a
    checklist to see how ready your child is to enter
    kindergarten this fall. Your child may not master all of
    these skills before starting kindergarten, but exposure to
    them will build a foundation for your child’s success. The
    checklist is broken into different categories based on
    expectations: social and behavioral, motor skills,
    speaking, reading and writing, and math. It will also serve
    as a teaching guide for you, the parent, on items to work
    on with your child.