There's a better way ...
Posted by Douglas on 3/04/13

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    Hello my name is Douglas Bodaczewski “Self- Made Addiction Expert” founder of I started this journey as an addict, creating my methods by necessity, now you can have the methods that work in real life, available exclusively from

    Are you struggling with addiction?

    Experience a complete addiction recovery solution, including “how to” guides, state of the art mental programming and brain wave entrainment all geared towards your recovery success. Anyone can make progress in the fight against addiction, you do not have to be special, you do not have to be ingenious - anyone can do it with the right tools and those tools can be found at Everything you need for recovery in the privacy of your own home.


    How to guides: Sophisticated yet simple guides put you in complete control of your addictions - perfect for the addict who is still using and for those who may have already quit. Discover the missing link in your recovery. Find out why so many people relapse and how you don’t have to be one of them EVER. Discover a process that enables anyone to be able to think their way out of an addiction at any stage, discover what true recovery means (you no longer have any interest in using) first hand and live that fact once and for all.

    Meditation: Learn how to meditate like a pro and gain same day therapeutic benefits with this elite stratosphere level personal development technique.

    Brain wave entrainment: Synchronize your entire brain with this highly effective audio technology. Referring to the brains frequency following response “brain wave entrainment” can be an amazing way to cause the left and right hemispheres of the brain to communicate much better relieving stress and allowing more room for progress professional or otherwise, when your whole brain is “in sync” you do much better. There is an enormous amount of information online regarding entrainment but very few sources are as affordable as they are at, I decided to offer this after studying entrainment for several years and realizing how beneficial it would be for every ones recovery. I literally use the exact same program that I offer and have since 2012.

    Mental programming: Messaging audio that implants beliefs into your psyche while bypassing the rational mind for people who need to be re-conditioned. Every one has a belief that may be holding them back, understanding the learning process is crucial for developing empowering beliefs, these audio sessions provide a simple short cut so you can reprogram immediately. Perfect for people who want their recovery to be easier, some people have a hard time changing now you don’t have to be one of them.

    A complete addiction recovery solution can be found

    Take it easy,
    Douglas Bodaczewski

There's a better way ...