Hitachi StarBoard T-17SXL
Posted by Patrick/Roswell, NM on 6/11/13

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    I have this for sale. It is great for the classroom! It
    retails for a whopping $1799. I am trying to sell it for
    $399. It would be great for any teacher. See info below:

    Product Description: Hitachi StarBoard T-17SXL LCD Panel /
    Pointing Device.

    The Ultimate Teaching Tool The StarBoard T-17SXL gives you
    the freedom to interact with and captivate your students
    while delivering a digital lecture. Write notes on the
    display using a wireless pen, while your students view the
    same visuals projected onto a large screen through your
    computer and a projector. It's that simple. Digital Tools
    at your Fingertips Present intuitively with the easy-to-
    access function buttons on the top of the display to create
    a new page, activate the pen tool, and other StarBoard
    Software shortcuts without crowding the screen with extra
    toolbars or menus. Now you can conveniently control the
    pace and flow of your digital lecture from one location.