Post: Health Insurance for Teachers and their Families

    Russell White Plano, TX

    Posted on 11/16/15
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    Why pay for health insurance benefits you do not need
    today, may never need, or may not be able to afford adding
    your spouse and children? And why have to go through Open
    Enrollment every year? Year after year!
    There is a much better solution to the TRS health benefits
    plan. You have tremendous benefits and guarantees,
    including: 15 month to 3 year locked premium rates, no
    deductibles, co-insurance, or co-pays, and typically, 20-
    50% lower premiums. And much more!

    You do have the right to cancel your current TRS or
    whichever school district plan you are on. Please contact
    me for more information and a budgetary quote.
    Russell White
    U.S. Health Advisors (Headquartered in Fort Worth)

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