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    At Best Western Albany Airport Inn, Albany NY JUNE 3-5

    Posted on 4/12/16
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    Over the years, we've noticed that a very high number of our attendees
    at Tai Chi Gala happen to be teachers or admin in the educational field.
    As such, we're posting here, to let you know about this educational,
    healthy, fun, and culturally fascinating event!

    Do something different and get different results. All the workshops you
    want, anytime you want, for the entire weekend, are included in your
    registration. Put your name and email address in the little white box at
    the top of the homepage for an EXTRA low, email-only, unadvertised
    discount. Google tai chi and health, and see for yourself why Harvard
    University advocates it as one of the best mind/body exercises you can
    do. And you may even discover some of its self-defense applications, if
    you choose to explore even deeper! Any questions? Write to director,
    Loretta Wollering, at:

    See why lots of teachers enjoy a Tai Chi weekend

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