Post: No Flame rechargeable & wireless way to scent classroom!

    Julie Higgins/USA

    Posted on 8/22/16
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    The AirMoji is rechargeable and wireless.

    NO MESS-No wax. No flame. Just turn it on, and enjoy a hassle f
    e free experience with your favorite fragrances. You can order here!! You are going to love
    ve it!!

    ROOM FILLING SCENTS-Choose from classic favorites like French
    h Vanilla, Juicy Pomegranate, or Summertime Serenade. You can
    n also choose from our pure essential oils like Lavender, Euc
    calyptus, or Lemon.

    HI-TECH-The AirMoji can be programmed with your smart phone. S
    Set your AirMoji to run day or night, on your own schedule.

    Order this for your Classroom and Home today!

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