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    Lisa Sieb

    Posted on 1/31/20
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    Birdsneggs is an exciting breeder and supplier of mainly
    healthy Parrots and their fertile eggs. We lead in the
    supply of several species of Tame Parrots and we also
    supply fertile eggs for hatching collected from these
    species of birds that we breed If you want Parrots or
    Fertile Parrot eggs for hatching or you have some other
    personal preference such as Pets let us know what you want.
    It takes extra time to breed and raise up these wonderful
    birds so as in raising up the chicks or collecting their
    eggs which we sell to those who are interested in hatching
    their own chicks from the eggs stage.
    All our birds and fertile eggs have been medically tested
    free from all sort of medical infections . We have fertile
    eggs available, day old six months old chicks ready to go
    and handfed parrots at affordable prices.
    Place your order from our website or
    email us for detailed information, price and quotation at :

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