CrazyTalk 7
Posted by Terry / Ohio on 2/19/13

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    Every student studies the same texts, the same structure at
    the same time. If teachers could enhance more interesting
    elements as animation in ESL education, the efficiency will
    be really amazing than traditional ways. CrazyTalk provides
    a toolbox of 2D animation for teachers and students to
    immediately generate animated characters and scenes from
    their illustrations or photos and voice. You just need to
    record your voice that you can create animation video.

    Advantages of ¡§CrazyTalk¡¨ in education. (1) Teachers and
    students do not have to be an artist or professional
    animator to be able to create movies or animation. (2)
    CrazyTalk can interact with their curriculum; visual
    language teaching, recreate history, animate scientific
    theories, introduce world-changing personalities or just
    about anything. (3) The animation video could replace the
    repeated teaching curriculum and have more attraction.

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