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    Jan Caruthers

    Posted on 6/30/14
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    If you are a teacher, a language therapist, an after-school
    administrator, or an individual interested in learning
    through interactive lessons this site is for YOU! If you
    are interested in creating and selling next-generation
    interactive lessons this site is for you!

    Interactive lessons and books for students, patients,
    children, adults, ... actually anybody ... even yourself
    that can be played on touch boards to the entire classroom
    and/or individual hand-held devices within the students
    home, through the provided virtual classroom feature!

    These are NOT your run-of-the-mill PowerPoint lessons.
    These lessons can: give immediate feedback * include sounds
    * grade themselves * track errors * graph student progress

    Create your own lessons for play on your own touch board,
    within your own virtual classroom or to be sold within our
    virtual lesson store and/or packaged into a book and sold
    within our virtual bookstore. Image, the possible
    additional income that can be generated, while performing
    your everyday duties of teaching students within your

    You get a thirty (30) day FREE Trial so what do you have to

    TBLessons - Providing Tools to Create and Play Next-Generation Touch-Board/Virtual Classroom Lessons

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