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    Dan Baker

    Posted on 9/10/14
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    IEP4U.COM has over 4000 Goals and Objectives (IEP-ITP) each
    with changeable benchmarks. The Idea Statements are spread
    out over seven subjects (Domains) and four functional
    levels. Teachers, parents and students can now access
    objectives directly from this Web Site. Input key words,
    phrases, or test names in the search engine to find just the
    correct objectives for your students needs. Copy and paste
    any information you want, then modify the objectives
    (examples) to exactly describe the needs of your students.
    The kid section will give your students personal input to
    write their own objectives (with your help) and to play some
    interesting games as well.

    This information is is designed to help you with the
    daunting task of writing proper IEP's The data within this
    web site was written to correlate with the unique
    characteristics of various formal assessments. Since
    assessment is essential for the development of the IEP,
    specific questions were evaluated and idea statements
    written based upon those questions. Searching the data for
    idea statements by assessment will enable teachers to plan
    lessons or web quests based upon how the student scored on
    the assessment.

    Free IEP Software

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