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    Posted on 12/19/16
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    LoadRunner Overview
    In a layman’s term, LoadRunneris primarily defined as a
    software testing tool, as procured from Hewlett Packard
    Enterprise. This is mostly used for testing applications and
    measuring system behavior. Furthermore, it helps in dealing
    with perfect performance under load. HPE mostly used this
    software testing tool as significant part of Mercury
    Interaction in the year 2006. If you want to be a pro in
    this sector, you must be acquainted with the usage of
    loadrunner. For that, it is vital for you to join Loadrunner
    Training, procured from some of the leasing institutions, on
    a global platform. The courses are divided into various
    modules, for better approach towards students.
    LoadRunner Course Overview:
    The LoadRunner Online Training is considered as one of the
    most practical and inexpensive performance testing course
    module. It comes handy with improved and new testing
    solution with online training modules. More than 30 hours
    will be dedicated for perfect functionality of the course
    structure. Here, well-trained experts are only recommended
    for offering the right module and structure. You will get to
    learn more about advanced and basic performance testing
    concept with some practical examples. This syllabus is
    designed by considering current job marketing trends and
    industrial needs.
    Course curriculum:
    This kind of LoadRunner Testing Tool course is meant for
    experienced professionals and beginners, willing to make
    performance in the testing career. It is best suited for
    developers, testers, leads, BAs and managers. The curriculum
    structure over here is:
    Introductory note to hp performance testing:
    • Testing and performance testing
    • Reasons to use performance testing and types
    • Common problems and performance testing procedure
    HP LoadRunner introduction:
    • Introduction of LoadRunner and reasons to use it
    • Components and protocols of Loadrunner under Software
    Testing Training
    • Protocol advisor and components license
    More about Vugen:
    • Introduction of Vugen and reasons to use it
    • Workflow of Vugen
    • Recording options relating to Vugen
    Importance of Correlation:
    • The real meaning behind correlation
    • Reasons to use it
    • Function of Web_reg_save_param()
    Checkpoints and transactions:
    • Introduction note of checkpoints
    • Types of checkpoints
    • Introductory note and reasons behind using transactions
    Highlights of this course module:
    Now, you might have a valid question in your mind. What are
    the reasons to use LoadRunner materials and be a part of
    this course module.
    • Learn about the latest version of LoadRunner training with
    hands-on example
    • Working with experienced professionals for some live
    performance testing
    • Get to learn about the installation procedure of
    laodRunner from start till end
    • Procure all valid information on Vugen; concept,
    streamlining recording, first touch and recording script
    • You can further create and even run manual scenario, if
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    LoadRunner Training in Hyderabad

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