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    Posted on 3/09/17
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    Selenium Training Overview
    Selenium IDE is a transferable Software Testing Framework
    for Web Apps. Selenium provides a recording tool for
    managing tests without learning a Programming Script
    language. It also provides a test domain-specific language
    (Selenese) to write tests in a number of popular programming
    languages, including Java, C#, Groovy, Perl, PHP, Python and
    Ruby. The tests can then be run against most modern web
    browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox,
    Android, Microsoft Edge. Selenium deploys on Windows, Linux,
    and Macintosh platforms.
    Selenium WebDriver Course Topics
    Selenium IDE:
    Installation of IDE and a perfect introductory note
    Features of IDE under ICONs
    Building and running test cases
    Verification of page elements
    Selenium commands under selenese
    Verification vas assertion
    Pattern matching
    Location elements
    Wait for command in AJAX
    And wait command service
    Multiple windows, alerts and popups
    Ways to write a test suite
    Troubleshooting services
    IDE test on different browsers
    Selenium test runner
    We are also providing Selenium Real Time live Project
    Training (We called it as On Job Training) with Best
    Trainers ,in this training period you will get more
    knowledge on different domains(Projects) Experience.
    We Offered Services on Selenium WebDriver Course
    1.Selelnium Classroom Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet and
    Madhapur & Bangalore Marathahalli
    2.Selenium Online Training.
    3.Selenium Training with Placement Assistance.
    4.We Provide Selenium WebDriver Corporate Training also.
    About QEdge Technologes :
    A significant name in the IT sector, QEdge Technologies is
    known for offering premium quality technical course
    materials. Aspiring students will enjoy excellent
    opportunity to learn the importance of IT training under
    veterans only. Not just helping them with Testing project
    Training, but our team of experienced professionals will
    further help in offering you with recruitment procedure, as
    well.With so many years of experience, it will not be
    difficult for us to choose the best package for you.
    Moreover, we provide testing materials to ensure that you
    enjoy a perfect and well-crafted course.
    Contact For More About Selenium Course Information at
    QEdge Technologies
    Visit :
    Call : 91 40 64644491
    Mail :

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