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    Jitender Kumar/Delhi

    Posted on 1/31/20
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    We understand that the needs of a preschool are very
    different from that of a big school, hence we've
    specially designed CampusKidz, an ERP that streamlines
    the administrative tasks of a preschool. A cloud-based
    solution, CampusKidz ERP can be accessed from any part of
    the world with minimal hardware requirements. To operate
    this ERP, a pre-school only needs a laptop, a smartphone,
    and a stable internet connection. We provide mobile apps
    that help teachers, parents, and school management stay
    connected at all times. They can easily access important
    student and school-related information at the touch of a
    button. Protected by Microsoft Technology, the app is
    equipped with the latest security features. With the help
    of the app, one can also view all information such as fee
    details, homework, report cards, attendance, holiday
    list, etc. among others. It also allows the sharing of
    images and videos with parents to keep them posted about
    their child's progress.

    CampusKidz App

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