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    St. Louis Missori

    Posted on 4/02/15
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    Spanish Posters

    I purchased these posters for my classroom about 8 years
    ago when I had a large classroom and plenty of wall
    space. Then 2 years after I bought them because of
    construction I was reassigned to 2 different classrooms
    with limited wall space. So they have been stored for all
    this time. I am selling this as a lot because of shipping
    and weight. All these poster together weight close to 2
    All of the posters are in very good shape and measure 38
    X 28 inches unless otherwise indicated.

    Posters of
    1. América
    2. Abecedario
    3. El Árbol
    4. La Planta
    5. República Mexicana
    6. Mi Árbol Genealógico
    7. Invertebrados (this one has a back side which is in
    Spanish and explains the invertebrates pictured)
    8. Nuestros Valores
    9. Servidores Públicos
    10. Transportes Marítimos
    11. Profesiones y Oficios (this poster measures 36.5 X
    28.5 inches)
    12. El Ciclo del Agua
    13. Las Estaciones del Año
    14. Double sided poster of México measuring 50X38 inches
    15. Transportes Aéreos
    16. Aseos Personales
    17. One additional free Surprise poster

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