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    Bainbridge Island (Near Seattle)

    Posted on 7/14/16
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    This is an awesome collection & a great deal! We are downsizing a bunch so we
    need to part ways with our die cut collection. Included in this deal is:

    -Accucut Mark IV die cut machine with two trays
    -Die Cut Carousel
    -Two die cut storage shelves
    -4" Uppercase block alphabet set
    -4" Lowercase block alphabet set
    -4" Block Number set
    -4" Dinosaur set
    -4" balloon, leaf, shamrock, snowman, heart, school house, flower, star,
    locomotive, zoo car, tangram, bookmark, pumpkin, xmas tree, crayon, oral, star,
    turkey, fish, etc
    -Extra large dies: Christmas ornaments, take out box, two gift boxes, greeting card
    with window.

    We also have card stock available.

    To buy all of this new is nearly $3000. If you have any interest let me know!!

    Link to Craigslist Post

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