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    Annie / San Diego

    Posted on 9/04/16
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    Hello all!

    I moved schools and don't need all of the items I've bought in my new
    classroom, so it's all for sale and most are new or like new (lightly used).

    I have many teacher and classroom supplies for sale in New or Like New
    condition. Many Lakeshore items!

    -Lakeshore 30 seat Carpet: Retails for $479.00, Selling for $175 (Like
    -Lakeshore Read-Along Listening Center Unit: Retails for $69.99, Selling
    for $25 (Like new)
    -Lakeshore Magenetic Display Shelves: Set of 2: Retails for $29.99,
    Selling for $15 (One set is brand new, other set is Like new, both in
    original boxes)
    -5 Pack of Interlocking Book bins with label holders: I have 6 sets that
    are brand new, Selling for $5 each set
    -Lakeshore storage boxes: Retails for $4.99 each, Selling for $2 each
    (Like new, multiple colors)
    -Lakeshore heavy duty paper trays and lids: Retails for $6.99 each,
    Selling for $3 each, Lids for $1 (Like new, multiple colors)
    -Baskets: Selling for $0.50 each or each set for $10 (Like new)
    -Target storage unit: Selling for $15 (Like new)
    -Year of Calendar dates (each month has a theme and pattern): Retails
    on Amazon for $3.49-$9 per month, Selling the entire year for $10
    (Some are brand new, unopened--I forgot to include January in the

    I have many other items, so if you are looking for something in
    particular, please ask... I most likely have it!

    Please see my Craigslist ad for pictures of items

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