Biology Lab: Cell Structure and Function
Posted by Science Stuff / on 1/22/11

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    This is a very extensive lab lesson plan on cell structure
    and function. This lab can be used with grades 6 through
    12. It is great for younger students just learning about
    cells, and it can be a great review for older students.
    This lab would be a great activity to review the care and
    use of a microscope. The lab is in sections: (1) Comparison
    of Plant and Animal Cells (2) Cells with Chloroplast (3)
    Cell with Chromoplast (4) Storage in Cells and (5)
    Organizaton of Cells. I have used this lab with Biology I
    and Biology II students and they love it. They love the
    extended time in the lab and they love looking at so many
    different types of cells. Many students love all the
    drawing involved in the lab.

    Materials needed are: Microscope, Microscope Slides,
    Coverslips, Onion, Iodine, Colored pencils, Methylene Blue,
    Elodea plant, Tomato, Apple, Fresh flower petals, Potato,
    Live green algae, Pond water

    Your 15 page download will include Procedure, Materials
    List, Student Data Pages, Answers, and Teacher Preparation
    Notes. You can choose to have the students write their own
    lab reports, or you can use the enclosed student data
    pages. This is in "word" format. Please feel free to make